After graduating in 2005 with a BFA from SUNY Purchase Theater Arts & Film Design Technology with a focus in lighting design I had a strong desire to get back to more tangible mediums, such as acrylic paint and canvas. I began experimenting with various concepts of art and mediums to create visually an expression of the Prana or energy of life all around and within us. 




Inspired by research on the Buddhist practice of creating sand mandalas as a form of meditation, I began creating abstract mixed media mandalas using pointillism. The mandalas are abstracted to convey the unseen Prana (energy) that exists around us and within us all. The rhythm of placing each dot to create these images, becomes a practice of meditation within the creation of artwork. Each piece is a deeper exploration of inner self and expresses both the struggles and joy of inner self exploration. 


Inspired by the images depicting play of light through water and textures of plant life in Jacque Cousteau’s “Diving for Hidden Treasure” I began creating this series in 2008 using molding paste, acrylic paint and sand. Building on the colors and textures abstractly to express a dreamlike other-worldly sense of Prana (energy) found within these images, as if a moment captured in time like a photograph; a moment of pause for the viewer to sink into the present.